Millhouse Pastoral (Australia)
Suppliers of Exceptional Australian Grass-Fed and Free Range Veal, Beef, Lamb & Pork
 Our Quality Assurances
Our mission is to supply only exceptional grass fed and free range veal, beef, lamb and pork that has been sourced from the pristine agricultural grazing areas of South Eastern Australia, and processed to strict international quality assurance guidelines.
Exceptional quality  
Pure, Nutritious, Succulent, Flavoursome
You can purchase Millhouse Pastoral veal, beef, lamb / mutton and pork in the knowledge that we source only the finest grass fed Black Angus Beef cattle, sheep and free range pigs from both our property and from other farms located in the premier agricultural areas of South East Australia.
All our cattle, sheep and pork are 100% free from all antibiotics and hormone growth promotants, and their free range and stress-free lifestyle ensures we can supply only the purest, nutritious, succulent and flavoursome veal, beef, lamb / mutton and pork possible.  
Complete traceability 
NLIS registered
All the livestock we use are registered with the Australian Livestock Identification System (NLIS).
NLIS allows complete supply chain traceability, and every Millhouse Pastoral box is labeled with an identification tag that provides complete supply chain traceability of individual animals from their property of birth through to the abattoir, to the meat processor, to the transport container, to your cool room, or the reverse right back to place of birth.
Lifetime traceability improves product integrity and market access (particularly for export markets), and assists with the management of disease and chemical residue issues.
National and global quality accreditation
Strictest food standards & certification
Every step of our supply chain adheres to the strictest food safety and international quality assurance protocols for processing, logistics and product quality.
We closely liaise with all our supply chain partners that are fully certified by the leading Australian and international industry regulators including:
  • Tier 2 meat export licences and accreditation
  • PrimeSafe
  • Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
  • Ausmeat
  • Meat Standards Australia (MSA)
  • Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)
  • SQF
  • WQA
Processing and logistics
We adhere to the highest of standards
With extensive personal expertise in livestock production and transport, meat processing, wholesale and retail sales, and logistics management, we never compromise on our high standards or commitment to quality.
Hence as part of our quality protocols, we personally and continually liaise with our entire supply chain partners to ensure that at all times, they uphold our stringent standards for animal welfare, exceptional and consistent product quality, and integrity.