Millhouse Pastoral (Australia)
Suppliers of Exceptional Australian Grass-Fed and Free Range Veal, Beef, Lamb & Pork
 Our Lamb and Mutton
Lamb and Mutton  
Tender, juicy and flavoursome
Millhouse Pastoral lamb and mutton is sought after for its delicate flavour and juicy, flavoursome tenderness.
All our free range and grass fed lamb and mutton is sourced from the premier high rainfall prime agricultural areas of South Eastern Australia.
You can purchase Millhouse Pastoral lamb and veal in good conscience knowing that our spring born lambs and mature mutton sheep have led a happy life in a stress free environment feeding on abundant lush pastures. It is this humane and healthy lifestyle that produces the tender, juicy and more flavoursome meat.

All our hand selected lamb and mutton is 100% free from all antibiotics & Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP).
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Tender, juicy and flavoursome
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