Millhouse Pastoral (Australia)
Suppliers of Exceptional Australian Grass-Fed and Free Range Veal, Beef, Lamb & Pork
 Our Pork
The way pigs should live ...
    .... the way pork should taste !
Unlike the majority of pork supplied globally, we supply only superior free ranged and ethically grown pork.
All our free range pork is sourced from superior genetic pigs living in the prime agricultural areas of South Eastern Australia.  Unlike the majority of intensively farmed pigs, ours spend their entire lives happily grazing in open areas and resting in quality eco-shelters.
You can therefore purchase Millhouse Pastoral pork in good conscience knowing that all our are pigs are free ranged, free from stress and enjoy a diet free of all antibiotics, Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP's) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  It is this humane and healthy lifestyle that produces our premier tender, juicy and more flavoursome healthy pork.
By choosing Millhouse Pastoral's free ranged and ethically raised pork,  you help ensure best practice for the animals and ensure a sustainable supply of delicious wholesome pork.
Contact us for our full product range and price list.
The way pigs should live ...
    ... the way porks should taste !
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    Grass Fed Veal, Yearling and Black Angus Beef
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    Grass Fed Lamb and Mutton
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    Gourmet Sausages
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    Quality Assurance
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