Millhouse Pastoral (Australia)
Suppliers of Exceptional Australian Grass-Fed and Free Range Veal, Beef, Lamb & Pork
 Our Gourmet veal, beef and pork sausgaes
Gourmet sausages  
The way sausages should taste!
Unlike the flavourless, high fat and high salt sausages available from retailers today, we pride ourselves in producing gourmet, nutritious and flavouresome sausages that taste the way that sausages USED to taste.
Using veal, beef and pork sourced from only the premier grass growing districts of southern Victoria, and using only natural casings, we proudly offer the following sausages for sale:
  • Gourmet beef and pork continental
  • Italian pork fennel
  • Gourmet pork
  • Gourmet veal and pork
  • Gourmet Spanish Chorizo
Contact us for further details and our price list.
The way sausages should taste !
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    Grass Fed Veal, Yearling and Black Angus Beef
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    Grass Fed Lamb and Mutton
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    Free Range Pork
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    Quality Assurance
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