Millhouse Pastoral (Australia)
Suppliers of Exceptional Australian Grass-Fed and Free Range Veal, Beef, Lamb & Pork
 Our Veal, Yearling & Black Angus Beef
Tender and delicate
Millhouse Pastoral veal is sought after for its delicate flavour and melt in the mouth tenderness.
Our 5 to 8 month old vealers are pasture raised their entire lives, living with their mothers in the prime beef cattle farming areas of South Eastern Australia.
You can purchase Millhouse Pastoral veal in good conscience knowing that our vealers have led a happy life on a diet enriched by their mothers’ milk and abundant lush pastures. It is this humane and healthy lifestyle that produces the delicate pink colour, more flavoursome meat and subtle taste.

All our hand selected British breed vealers are sourced from beef cattle (and not the usual by-products of the dairy industry). They are also 100% free from all antibiotics & Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP).
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Tender and delicate
Pure and succulent
Quality and consistency are what distinguishes our Millhouse Pastoral succulent yearling beef. Yearling beef is one of our premier beef products and is renouned for its consistently light and natural flavour, and supple tenderness.
Gentle on the palate, our Millhouse Pastoral yearling beef delivers a pure flavour and a pure conscience.
Grass fed on the lush high rainfall pastures of South Eastern Australia and 100% free from antibiotics and Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP), our British breed yearling beef ranks amongst the very best available.
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Pure and succulent
Black Angus Beef
Full Flavoured, tender and marbled
Millhouse Pastoral Grass Fed Black Angus beef is our showcase product and represents the pinnacle of any beef eating experience.
Hand sourced from only premium grass fed Black Angus cattle aged 24 to 30 months ensures all our beef is full flavoured and beautifully marbled and tender.
Our no compromise attitude to sourcing only the very best grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free Angus cattle ensures that our Millhouse Pastoral Black Angus beef always carries our mark of exceptional distinction.
With the same unwavering commitment to quality control and ethical standards for which Millhouse Pastoral is renowned, our premium Grass Fed Black Angus beef is our most requested product range.
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Full flavoured, tender and marbled
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